“Vikram Goyal’s self-imposed limitations of materials and techniques have allowed him to create a cohesive identity that employs a rather polymorphous vocabulary.”


Based in New Delhi, Vikram Goyal has spent two decades refining a contemporary design language within the international collectible design market. His work personifies the spirit and skill of artisanal techniques found in historic objects and translates the rich legacy of craft excellence from India into modern, timeless designs that resonate at home and abroad.

Drawing on the expertise of specialist artisans from across the country and a deep exploration of Indian metalwork traditions, Goyal designs limited-edition furniture and objects that celebrate material and form in abstract new ways. By diligently refining and re-inventing techniques that have been cultivated in the region for centuries, his work exudes a studied sophistication in Indian craft and conceptual and cultural narratives.

An engineer by training, Goyal went on to study development economics at Princeton University, then worked in finance in the USA and Hong Kong. Upon his return to India in 2000, he set up his design studio and began a critical study of the extraordinary craft history and ancient philosophies at the core of Indian culture. He has been meticulously advancing the art of collectible design in the region ever since, reintroducing intricacy and elegance into modern Indian design. A closer look, and even motifs commemorating ancient narratives, traditions and philosophies are subtly reimagined and contextualised in novel material applications across his work.

While the collectible works of the studio are revered by galleries, art fairs, interior designers, craft enthusiasts and collectors, the designer’s initial creative endeavours are still celebrated. Viya’s heartfelt mission to revive metalwork and other traditional crafts in a more accessible form launches in summer 2024. Goyal also co-founded beauty and wellness brand Kama Ayurveda which elevated and gave modern relevance to an ancient system of medicine.

Among his more personal projects is Shringara of Shrinathji, the collector’s edition book he conceived and co-designed in 2022, which features miniature paintings of the Hindu deity Lord Shrinathji from his family collection. The creations of his own studio share a sense of timelessness with antiques and works of historic craft excellence that he personally collects.

Goyal has been named in Architectural Digest’s definitive list of the 100 most influential architects and interior designers in India, and is a winner of an Elle Decor International Design Award. He is represented by Nilufar Gallery in Milan and has exhibited at India Art Fair 2023 and 2024 and at PAD London 2023.

About The Studio

Vikram Goyal leads his studio practice with innovative craftsmanship, composing a new contemporary design vocabulary from India.

For over two decades, the studio has created collectible design objects with a focus on metal, particularly brass, as its primary material. Led by a sense of curiosity about the affordances of materiality, Goyal and a team of skilled craftspeople continually experiment with extending boundaries of traditional techniques, base pairings, and conceptual narratives—with extraordinary results. The inventiveness of the studio’s work is most striking in its seamless use of material wherein sheet metal, with its firm rigidity, takes on a sensuous, visceral persona. Large-scale objects become singular statements through detailed and deeply skilled processes of making, underpinned by the studio’s intergenerational knowledge and mastery of techniques including repoussé, pietra dura, and hollowed joinery.

Located in New Delhi, the studio is a typical, with a dedicated team and workshop globally recognized for its approach to making via ideas of materiality,culture, and tradition. It undertakes bespoke commissions and collaborates with architects and designers globally.