Wall Panels


The material manifestation of a dream, this intricately detailed wall panel is crafted in brass with a patinated gold finish. Inspired by an ancient Rajput manuscript from the 17th century titled “The Book of Dreams,”  an illustrated treatise whose original copy is housed in Udaipur’s City Palace Museum, from which this piece takes its name, it shimmers, shifts, and comes to life with every ray of light or shadow that falls on it. This dreamlike sensation is created in metal through the dynamic, swirling forms—created by repoussé, the laborious and highly skilled process of hammering low-relief designs into malleable metal sheets from the reverse—and rooted in its alternative reality through brass inlays. The mural depicts a range of symbolic motifs from the manuscript including the Gajaraja (King of Elephants), a tree of parrots, a fabled beast, and other auspicious representations of good luck and faith.
144 W x 84 H (in) | 3657 W x 2133.6 H (mm)
Patinated Gold